About company

History of electrical engineering shows that Italy made many discoveries and inventions in this field. Italian company VIMAR is rightly considered one of the leaders in the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipments, not only in Europe but also in the world. Every year the company produces several new models, based on their own discoveries and inventions in the field of electrical, electronics and materials science.

In the 90 years the company entered the top ten leading European manufacturers. To date, the range of products is a few tens of thousands of names, and branches and representative offices of the company are available in almost all European countries.

VIMAR products have been represented at the European market for more than 50 years. The quality of its products is proven by the fact that them received a quality certificate ISO 9001. The company products are certified, inter alia, in the countries of Eastern Europe (Hungary, Poland, Slovenia), as well as in Russia and CIS countries.


Style variety. VIMAR offers an electrical system, which provides a universal connection of various electrical and electronic devices.
The products of this company stand out for a comprehensive integration, offering the consumer all the necessary nomenclature, from circuit breakers, sockets, switches for lighting, fuses and circuit breakers, as well as buildings for them to sophisticated electronic devices for automation of everyday life.


Modular principle. The second factor that distinguishes Italian products, is the construction of the electrical system at a truly modular principle (in our country, this principle has repeatedly been declared but was never fully implemented). Virtually any desired residential or office building electrician system can be assembled from elements on the basis of the popular children's designer "Lego". In the Italian interpretation the modularity is as follows. Each element (socket, switch, button, call, etc.) has well-defined, standardized dimensions. These elements are collected in a single housing in a combination required by the consumer. To create the effect of a single device, the appearance of all items is made in the same style and color.


Assortment. Analysing the types of VIMAR products (making, by the way, a few thousand names), you can come to a definite conclusion that the declared company care about the comfort of their customers are not empty words.
The list of products includes, for example, signal elements of the red or green (and of both) colors. These devices are used effectively, for example, when duplicating the input or a phone call for people with reduced hearing, signaling the owner of about the lighting switches on somewhere in the house and many other cases.
In the product catalog everyone can find the switches, buttons and switches both with built-illuminating lamp and fluorescent coating on the keys. It is easy to glore this device in the darkness.
The manufacturer did not forget of the problem of energy saving. For this purpose, several varieties of rheostats are produced for variable light conditions (the so-called dimmers) that can be controlled not only by hand. The company offers a model with a remote control, which is carried out using the remote control device.
Devices of low-voltage systems - aerial and telephone sockets, combined in one package with a radio-socket and two SAT-sockets are made in the same style with power elements.

The modular principle allows solving various problems in an untraditional way. In particular, an electric bell, signaling the arrival of the guest, can be placed in almost any room, and even in several rooms. Wherein its exterior will not stand out among the other elements located in this set.


Beauty will save the world.
Decorative frames (pad, caps) - design elements of electric devices (switches, sockets, etc.) are made in different designs: wood, metal (anodized), plastic, imitation silk. Their color palette is rather wide: natural wood, cherry, walnut; metal (anodized metal) - chrome, gold, radicals, as well as traditional colors - white, red, blue, green, graphite, black. Electrical components themselves are made in the color palette, which is combined with almost any reasonable color interior.


Advantages of Vimar:

  • Wide range of colors
  • Modular assembly / easy installation
  • A variety of functions
  • Security
  • Heat resistance
  • Waterproofing
  • Quality and reliability
  • Laser engraving of special characters